January 21, 2014

Infrared Body Wraps

Infrared Body Wraps imagescak0ck6l Here at Laser Creations we offer a relaxing spa setting to melt away unwanted inches and assist with your diet and exercise regime. Achieve your goals sooner and feel great doing it. Benefits:
  1. loose up to 1200 calories with each 50 minute treatment
  2. Detox your body of unwanted toxins
  3. Relieve joint pains, menstrual cramping relief, stress  and body aches
  4. Increase metabolism for 24-36hrs after treatment
What to do before and during treatments:
  1. Hydrate, before, during and after treatments. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day to flush out unwanted toxins.
  2. Wear thin cotton sweats for the treatment.  Relax while the wrap works for you!
  3. We have two different styles of body wraps to better suit individual body styles and needs.
The number of treatments vary if your wanting to enhance your weight loss, remove toxins or just relieve aches and pains.  For weight loss or cellulite reduction we may recommend dual treatments with our Venus Freeze to expedite you results!