January 21, 2014



Our medical Grade dermabrasion uses non-crystal technology avoiding harmful side effects of traditional microdermabrasions. We offer a variety of topical solutions for special individual needs. Our specialist may recommend a combination of solutions to enhance your appearance for a healthier and more youthful you!Dermabrasion Menu

Face $75.00
Face & Neck $100.00
Face, Neck & Chest $150.00

Special Solutions

Vitamin C (Rehydration & Brightening) $25.00
Hyaluronic (Rehydration Concerntrate) $25.00
Glycolic (Anti-Aging, Acne) $25.00
Lightening (Hyperpigmentation) $25.00

Deluxe Solutions  $50

NuCell – This formulation has peptides which are the building block of the skins collagen. The exclusive combination of age reversing growth factors, nourishing proteins, repairing peptides, ceramides and protective anti-oxidents aid in renewing skin from the inside out. The outcome is firmer, smoother, brighter, luminous skin with an amazingly even tone and texture.

Red Carpet Ready – Ready, set, glow! Transform skin from dull, dry and dehydrated skin to tighter looking, plumper, smoother, radiant skin in an instant! This fusion is a proprietary formulation combined with ingredients that will take hydration to the next level. Specifically formulated ingredients help drive the hydrating ingredients deeper into the skin, making them instantly more effective. This is a perfect SkinFusion for the day of a special event! Now all you need is the red carpet.


Dermal Planing
dermal-planingReceive two treatments in one!  Removes unwanted facial hair with removing the dead cell layer of the skin. Hair removal and anti-aging in one treatment with no